Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Technique for News Sites - The remaining Is still Unwritten.

I was driving yesterday when my 13 year old said, "Mom, what's black and white red and all over? A newspaper!" My initial thought was ...well not anymore...

It is refreshing to learn an uproar on blogs, and healthy as well.

So, journalists, you got the sofa whooped by innovative marketing that disrupted your industry status quo; stuff happens, and now it's time to do something about it.

Professionally managed strategic planning sessions channel brainstorming and drive topics to defined action items, in just a well-paced, productive environment.

Journalists, consider that you build widgets. In your case it is news, and like many engineers and other developers, you're enamored along with your widget. However, like every widget, your widget needs to be marketed, sold, and supported etc, to generate cash flow and a long-term healthy balance sheet so you can build more widgets https://takerootandwrite.com/.

Google, Yahoo and others are in the commercial of generating web traffic for profit; they distribute your widgets to generate more traffic to their sites. They distribute your widgets free of charge without payment for you setting a defacto standard; they're not in operation to make money on news.

As soon as you commit to developing business models you'll progress forward. As soon as you step from your homogenous comfort zone, you'll never think of your widgets the exact same way again. For instance, think of the intelligent, motivated blog readers as a resource. Consider the following rules of engagement for strategic planning sessions:

1. Building business models is approximately working ON your organization, not IN your business. Be objective, and open-minded; learn from history without dwelling on the past http://trendynews4u.com/.

2. The team will evaluate markets and customer segments, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis, value propositions, price elasticity, competition and a number of other components. Strategic planning sessions conducted by a skilled professional will not solve all issues tomorrow, but will concentrate on the achievable and deliver action items, set goals for another session, establish feedback mechanisms, etc.

3. Harvard's session the other day, "How exactly to Make Money in News: New Business Models for the 21st Century" had 48 attendees, 3.5 dozen too many. A productive team is made up of 6 people, no more than 7, plus a period leader providing agenda, content and infrastructure, along with setting the pace and keeping the session on track https://afic.co/.

Perhaps blog readers should weigh in on who must certanly be on the original strategic planning team. Have two lists (one example raised on a weblog comment was a member from the Huffington Post) 1> who must certanly be on the team and 2> who must certanly be guest speakers willing to own candid discussions.Not everybody will have a way or willing to participate; have alternates.
4. Team meets one 8-hour day every 3 weeks, finish session 1 in 12 weeks, final report in 15 weeks.

5. Team suggests reports to be evaluated e.g., consumer research. Blog readers outline 'The Best Of" reports as well.

Perhaps blog readers can volunteer to do research. This may keep journalists involved in the sessions, be the main solution and keep consitently the pace moving. For instance, if 1 out of 4 those who read journalism blogs commit to help 2 hours every three weeks, we are able to evaluate some interesting results. This is simply not time intensive, but incredibly beneficial. Some research, like the following example, would concentrate on a specific market, specific customer segments; other requests will undoubtedly be different.
Example research request: Call 5 companies in the to-be-defined industry in your home town and inquire further the exact same 5 questions to give an, albeit loosely coupled but a sampling of data. Interview the business enterprise owner. Listen. Appreciate this world from the owners' shoes. Example questions are:
What results maybe you have seen from newspaper advertising?
The length of time did you run ads, what were your original expectations, and were your expectations met?
Were you able to differentiate your organization with newspaper advertising, why or you will want to?
What is the absolute most successful way you gain new business?
Are you advertising in other venues and how successful is that for you personally?
Ask people who do not advertise today and who do advertise today. Engage them in conversation. Probe. Feedback will undoubtedly be consolidated and results posted.

Journalists, innovative leaders of strategic planning sessions assist intelligent professionals immersed in the present model to think from the box. When companies wish to re-brand and open new lines of business or when innovative marketing disrupts the status quo establishing new competition, many choose strategic planning professionals. Consider working with a period leader that's never worked in your industry, an expert strategist may question perceptions and find marketable assets where none were visible before.

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